Summerhays Music Center offers a Harp Showroom with a large selection & diverse variety of Lever & Pedal Harps from which to choose in a pleasant & relaxing environment. Come in and take all the time you need to select the perfect harp for you in a relaxing home-like setting.

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The “Chamber Harp” in Bubinga is a high quality 36-string lever harp, exhibiting excellent response and superb sound.


merlin harp
merlin title

One feature of the Chamber Harp, virtually unique in the lever harp world, is an extended soundboard—a feature generally available only in better pedal harps.  The soundboard is made of veneered select Sitka spruce, tapered from center to the edges, and from bottom to top.  The concert harp-style soundboard, coupled with concert harp strings, plated brass string eyelets which transmit better the sound to the soundboard, and fairly taut string tension contributes to a very full, mature harp sound.   The sound of the Chamber Harp exceeds many pedal harps in the mid to upper ranges.

The “Chamber Harp” has a unique style of design, which was common in older continental European harps, which has a straight fluted or faceted column, and a “ram’s head” style rounded front to the neck, above the top of the column.  We have felt that there is much overuse of the Celtic harp designs (with a curved column and column/neck, and often coming to a peak), and that it would be refreshing to offer an established, traditional design which has been virtually ignored in the harp world in the modern day.



• 36 Strings - 6C to 1C
• African Bubinga wood
• Contrasting decorative wood in "trefoil" motif
• Celtic knot and soundboard border inlays
• Ornamental wood inlays
• Comes with a padded transport cover set, with both a top and a base cover which attach together.

• Bass: Silk with steel wrap
• Mid: Flourocarbons
• Treble: Nylon
• 22 pounds

PRICE: $5,119.00

previously owned harps

We carry a variety of used pedal and lever harps in our store. Our selection of Used Harps changes almost daily, so please call our store for a current list.


Camac Used Korrigan



Below are harps we regularly carry in our store.
Please call to see if the harp you're interested in is currently in stock.

harpPRATT debutante lever Harp

• 36 strings
• Great for Beginners
Blond or Natural Maple
• Includes Padded Transport Cover Set
• 59 inches tall, 31 lbs.

SALE PRICE: $3,800


PRATT Princessa Harp

• New Design!
• 36 strings
• Straight Soundboard
Sapeli Mahogany
• Includes a 2-Piece Padded Transport Cover
• 60 inches tall, 31 lbs.

SALE PRICE: $3,950
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PRATT Chamber Harps

• 36 strings
• Extended Soundboard
• Soundboard border inlay
• Side strip corner bead inlays
• Available in Bubinga, Flamed Maple or Sapele Wood.
• 63" tall, 47 lbs.

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You can also customize your own Pratt Chamber harp!
There are several options available.

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Empress HarpPRATT empress Harps

• 36 string lever harp
• Extended Soundboard
• 2 Additional strings, 6A & 6B belwo C
• Available in Bubinga, Curly Maple or Sapele Wood.
• 64" tall, 46 lbs.


You can also customize your own Pratt empress harp!
There are several options available.

Click here for Custom Ordering Information

CAMAC Atlantide Prestige Pedal Harp

• Concert Grand
• Size: 186 cm
• Weight: 35 kg
• Range: 47 strings from G00
(above 1st octave) to C45 (7th octave)
• Available in natural, mahogany, cherry, ebony woods

SALE PRICE: from $27,950

CAMAC Athena Pedal Harp

• Available with Straight or
Extended (shown) Soundboard
• Range: 47 strings from G00 (above 1st octave) to C45 (7th octave)
• Available in mahogany, cherry, natural or ebony.

SALE PRICE: $14,950 to $18,950
RENT to OWN: $225 to 275 per month*

CAMAC "Blue" Pedal Harps
The little Big Blue, The Blue, and the Big Blue

• Acoustic/Electric Pedal Harps
• 44 Strings, 47 Strings, and Concert Grand
• Woods used: maple and spruce for the soundboard
• Finish: blue, or any finish on request

SALE PRICE: from $17,950 - $25,950

CAMAC Clio Pedal Harp

• Available with Straight or Extended (shown) Soundboard
• 44 strings
• Woods used: maple, and spruce for the soundboard
• Finishes: mahogany, cherry-wood, natural or ebony

SALE PRICE: $12,450 to $14,750
RENT to OWN: $150 to $225/month*

CAMAC Trianon & Trianon Clio Pedal Harps

• 44 Strings &
47 string Concert Grand (shown)
• Extended Soundboard
• Carved
• Woods used: maple, and spruce for the soundboard
• All finishes possible on request

SALE PRICE: $24,950 to $32,450

CAMAC Hermine Lever Harp

• Straight Soundboard
• 34 strings from A1 to C34
• Woods used: maple and beech for the body, spruce for the soundboard
• Finishes: mahogany, cherry-wood, natural or ebony
• Size: 122 cm
• Weight: 11kg

SALE PRICE: $2,995
RENT to OWN: $55/month*

CAMAC Korrigan Lever Harp

• Straight Soundboard
• 38 strings from C00 to A36
• Woods used: maple and beech for the body,
spruce for the soundboard
• Finishes: mahogany, cherry-wood, natural or ebony
• Size: 142 cm
• Weight: 14 kg

SALE PRICE: $3,495
RENT to OWN: $65/month*

CAMAC Aziliz Lever Harp

• 34 strings from A1 to C3
• Fully levered
• Folk tension
• Woods used: maple and beech for the body,
spruce for the soundboard
• Finishes: mahogany, cherry-wood, natural, ebony or princess
• Decorated soundboard (optional)
• Size: 116 cm
• Weight: 9 kg

SALE PRICE: $4,195

CAMAC Madmoiselle Lever Harp

• Straight Soundboard
• Woods used: maple and beech for the body, spruce for the soundboard
• Finishes: mahogany, cherry-wood, natural or ebony
• Size: 159 cm
• Weight: 22 kg
• Range: 40 gut strings from E00 to A36

SALE PRICE: $4,695

Summerhays Music can order in the Venus Harp of your choice.

VENUS Classic Pedal Harp

• Available in Natural
• Extended Soundboard with 24 karat Gold Soundboard decorations
• Hand carved
• 47 string concert harp


VENUS Protege Pedal Harp

• Available in Mahogany or Natural
• Extended Soundboard with 24 karat Gold Soundboard decorations
• Hand carved


Venus Protigy Pedal Harp

• 44 Strings: Low D to High E
• 72 lbs. Approx
• Extended Soundboard
• 70" Hgih x 22.5" Soundboard


Venus Penti Pedal Harps

• Concert Model and Grand Concert Model (shown)
• 46 to 47 strings
• Extended Soundboard


Summerhays Music can order in the Salvi Harp of your choice.

SALVI Daphne Pedal Harp

• Walnut Finish (Maple shown)
• 47 Strings
• Straight Soundboard


SALVI Diana Pedal Harp

• Ebony Polish Finish
• 47 Strings
• Hand-decorated soundboard made of Flemme Valley Red Spruce
• Known for it's durability, clarity and evenness of tone
• Brighter projection and stiffer string tension


SALVI Apollo Pedal Harp

• Mahogany Finish
• Harp played by the Utah Symphony
• 47 Strings
• Ultimate equilibrium of harmony & power
• Extended soundboard made of Flemme Valley Red Spruce


SALVI Livia Lever Harp

• Mahogany Finish
• Straight Soundboard
• 36 Strings



SALVI Daphne Pedal Harp

• Mahogany Finish
• 47 Strings
• Extended Soundboard




The harp is a unique and beautiful instrument with many versatile qualities. It can be used as a gentle, warm-toned therapy instrument that has been noted for its healing and soothing capacities. It is a complex classical instrument essential to many symphonies and orchestral compositions. As an accompaniment tool, the harp provides a lovely new alternative to standard piano. The folk music of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales relies heavily on the harp, and for these nations it is an important cultural symbol. The many functions and facets of the harp make it a versatile instrument full of possibilities for any player! You may hear someone called a harper while another musician is referred to as a harpist. Harper is generally used to describe one who plays on a traditional Folk or Celtic harp. Harpist refers to someone who plays classical music or pedal harp.

Children as young as five and six years old can start their classical training on smaller lever harps and eventually graduate to a larger instrument as they and their abilities grow.

Older children and teens usually learn quickly on this instrument, and it can be an excellent alternative for students to the traditional band and orchestra instruments. As a rare instrument, the harp provides many opportunities for scholarships and special placement in colleges across the country.

Adults who have always wanted to play a musical instrument and have not had an opportunity to do so until later in life will find great satisfaction in taking up the harp. Contrary to many popular beliefs, the harp is not any more difficult to learn than most instruments, and a broad repertoire of music for all skill levels makes even beginning playing a delight. As a gentle toned, warm sounding instrument, daily practice and playing on the harp is delightful.


There are three different types of Harps for you to choose from. Read below to learn the different styles.

Lever Harps

The lever harp is a mid-sized instrument consisting of 30-38 strings. The height of the harp ranges from 41-66 inches, weighing from 15-48 lbs. The “levers” are located along the neck of the harp and easily flip up and down. While in the down position the string will play a natural note. When the lever is flipped up the string will play a sharp note. Many new harpists begin learning on this harp. The lever harp is assessable and holds a beautiful sound, which makes it a great place to start!

The Lap Harp

The lap harp usually consists of 22-26 strings and weighs from 5-10 lbs. The height of the harp ranges from 28-35 inches. It holds the basic original shape of traditional harps and may or may not have levers on one or more of the strings. The primary benefit of the lap harp is its portability. Many lap harps come with carrying bags or cases and some resemble “back packs” allowing for hands free transportation. Another important benefit of the lap harp is affordability. The lap harp is generally about one-third of the cost of the mid size lever harps. The price will vary depending on the number of levers. A lap harp can be useful as a practice harp while on vacation. Its portability makes it convenient to play at family reunions and for friends and family.

“Lap harp” is perhaps not the best name for this small harp as it is not always comfortable to play in ones lap and consequently other devises have been developed to facilitate ease of performance. One such devise is a lap bar which sits across both legs, stabilizing the harp. Another such devise is a strap much like a guitar strap. It attaches to the harp with the same type of buttons found on guitars and crosses your shoulder then stretches diagonally across your back.

Pratt has introduced a harp, which is called the Sprite, and was designed as a “therapy harp.” The harp comes standard with quick release lock buttons and a shoulder strap. The strap allows you to play while standing bed side or walking from bed to bed. It also stabilizes the harp while playing in a sitting position. An optional lap bar is also available.

The Pedal Harp

The pedal harp contains 7 pedals and 40-48 strings. The pedals have three notches that change the strings from sharp, natural and flat. This allows the advanced harpist to continue playing while the feet change to the key that is needed. The pedal harps have an exceptional sound and classic design.

There are smaller pedal harps such as the Clio or Semi-Grand with a height from 60-65 inches and weighing 55-65 lbs. This harp allows the performer the use of pedals while also providing an instrument with a manageable size and weight.

The Concert Grand is the standard harp most often seen in symphonies, concerts and weddings. This harp weighs from 74-80 lbs with a height of 77-86 inches. Most often containing hand carving on the column, this harp is catching to the eye, complimenting its extraordinary sound.


The Right Environment for Your Harp:

Environmental conditions surrounding your harp are critical to its maintenance and lifespan. A harp needs to be kept in conditions of relative humidity between 45% and 75%. If kept at humidity levels below 45% for a prolonged period, the wood of the instrument may shrink and crack. Also, an extremely humid atmosphere will lead to swelling of the wood, which can compromise its structural integrity. A hygrometer is a device that measures humidity and should be kept in close proximity to your harp. Monitoring the humidity levels around the harp using a hygrometer will allow necessary action to be taken if the conditions fall outside of these guidelines. Hygrometers, as well as temperature conditions should be kept at an average of 70 degreed Fahrenheit.

Exposure to temperatures above 130 degrees will cause the glues used in manufacturing to melt. Because the harp is a high-tension instrument, this could cause the harp to literally pull itself apart. Exposing your harp to extremes in cold temperatures can cause cracks in the wood. Do not allow your harp to enter conditions below freezing (0 degrees Fahrenheit).

Keep your harp away from all heating and air-conditioning vents and windows. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.


Metronomes: A metronome is very important to help the harpist establish and learn rhythm.

Tuners/ Pickups: The electronic tuners make it easy to keep your instrument in tune. Almost daily, one or more harp string is bound to need to be tuned therefore an electronic tuner is essential. The tuners are very easy to help keep your harp in top tuned condition!

Tuning Keys: A tuning key should come with the rental or purchase of your harp. It is a good idea to have an extra tuning key to use when performing and traveling with the harp.

Stools/Benches: A matching stool or bench not only looks nice with your harp, but also will adjust to best fit the needs of the harpist. The top of the harpists’ head should be from 1-6 inches below the top of neck of the harp while the harpist is sitting up straight. For the harpist that is still growing, or if more than one person will be playing the harp, an easily adjustable bench is suggested. A cushion or pillow should never be used to heighten a child at the harp. Sitting on a padded surface may have lasting negative effects on the mid to lower back.

Camac Harp Caddy: While we carry a selection of harp caddy's for all brands of harps, this particular Caddy is for Camac harps only.

It is specially built to use pressure to hold your Camac harp in place, even down stairs and around corners. It has an adjustable handle, and great ease of use.


All of these items are available in our store,
stop by today to see our wonderful harp department!


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