The Bassoon originated from an instrument in the 16th century known as the Dulcian. Unlike today’s Bassoon,the Dulcian was one piece and always made of wood. In the music of the 1800’s, greater demands were made that the Dulcian could not meet, and so the modern Bassoon evolved.



Accent BN590R Bassoon


Designed for the smaller hands of young students and made from materials chosen for durability.

  • ABS composition body– adapts well to all climate conditions while retaining superior tone production.
  • Nickel-plated, nickel-silver keys for long lasting school use.
  • Short reach, plateau key on the 3rd finger hole decreases the “stretch factor” for younger students with smaller hands.
  • Specially designed left-hand thumb keywork provides comfort for younger students.
  • F, Ab, Eb, Db rollers; D# trill key for increased facility and fingering options.
  • Includes two bocals, seat strap, hand crutch, cork grease and case with case cover.


Accent BN790R Bassoon
Accent 990RW Bassoon


The hybrid body and design of the Accent 990RW offer durability with a professional feel and sound.

  • Hybrid body – long joint and bell are maple, wing joint and boot joint are ABS composition. The sound of the bassoon is most affected by the long joint and the bell. Making these out of maple, with ABS being used on the other two joints, gives the artist the sound of a wood bassoon with lighter weight and durability of a composition instrument – the best of both worlds.
  • Nickel-silver/silver-plated keywork for a professional “feel”.
  • High D and E keys plus whisper key lock for extended range.
  • Third finger left hand plateau key is included at no charge, should you wish to exchange it for the stock ring key, thereby making the bassoon more “friendly” to performers with a shorter finger span.
  • Includes 2 bocals, high quality case, black cordura nylon cover, shoulder strap, seat strap, swab and cork grease.