D’Addario Saxophone Mouthpieces

D'Addario Alto Saxophone Piece
D'Addario Tenor Saxophone Piece


  • Expertly-designed and made in the USA from foreign materials by a team of top musicians and engineers
  • Milled, not molded, from solid rod rubber, using D’Addario’s precise computer-controlled mouthpiece-making technology
  • No hand-finishing
  • Medium chamber and facing length
  • Available in four tip openings (ALTO SAX: 5,6,7,8) (TENOR SAX: 6, 7, 8, 9)


  • Captures the classic sound and response of the most sought-after vintage mouthpieces
  • Even intonation across the entire range of the saxophone
  • Exceptional versatility for all styles of jazz
  • Ideal for the professional player or advancing student.

Alto Sax

Tenor Sax

-Artist Comments-

  • “Being familiar with the mouthpieces you are competing with (meyer, otto link, etc), I believe this out performs its competitors by leaps and bounds. The projection is incredible. I'm thoroughly impressed by this mouthpiece. I have recently been recommending Jody Jazz hard rubber mouthpieces to students since they are cheaper than pro boutique mouthpieces and they are more consistent than Otto links, Vandoren and Otto links.
    I'll look forward to suggesting these as well.” –Kirsten Edkins (Bill Holman Big Band, The Voice, American Idol, DAWW Artist)
  • “Great sound, flexibility, and responsiveness!” Alex Hahn (DAWW Artist)
  • “It is shockingly easy to play. Killer response from low Bb all the way into upper altissimo…The response and projection are unbelievably terrific. It's easily the best mouthpiece I've ever played priced at $300 and below…Honestly if they all play as well as this prototype, I think it's a game changer for students. On alto it's so easy … Now finally on tenor it can be that easy too. I'm really excited to see the final results of this mouthpiece. I would tell every single one of my HS tenor sax students to buy one.” –Evan Cobb (Nashville Studio Player and Educator)
  • “This tenor piece is VERY good!!!...I think this will be a very BIG hit! Much bigger than the alto piece
    The tonal palate is amazing, though! Fun factor is VERY HIGH...I played it for quite a while last night.
    You should be very proud of this one!!!!” –James Bunte (DAWW Artist and Mouthpiece Refacer)
  • “This would be a great mouthpiece that I could, and have recommended to students as well as pros. This mouthpiece plays very well in tune and has a wide dynamic range with a good response…Not only does this compete with these others, in some ways exceeds them. Congrats and I'm sure this will be successful!”
    –Glen Berger (LA Studio Musician)
  • “Very dynamic... No stuffiness at all.. Subtones nicely, too…Really nice mouthpiece. Compared it to a Saxscape "Slant", and an Otto Link refaced by Matt Marantz. The prototype was definitely better than both of those. The Couf 6star I have is slightly more responsive, as it has slightly narrower rails. I think you'll sell a lot of these tenor mouthpieces... I will enthusiastically promote them.” –Craig Shields (DAWW Artist)
  • “Response is great in all registers. Able to cover a wide dynamic range as well. Not picky with reeds. I, personally, am used to playing a large chamber mouthpiece. So, I feel like this mouthpiece limits the amount of air I move through it slightly, but not as much as many other mouthpieces like it. Feels pretty free blowing. Pitch is good as well. I'm very impressed and feel that this mouthpiece is extremely versatile. Great job! For the segment of the market that this mouthpiece is competing with, it should do extremely well. I haven't played many mouthpieces in this price range that play this well. It can play warm, while the upper partials allow it to project well at the same time. For me, the only difference in this and the upper end, boutique, designer mouthpieces, is that the latter are tailored to allow more detail in sound and more personality possibly. However, I must say, it's rare to play a mouthpiece of any price and have the initial "wow factor" that I had when I played this one! This is a GREAT all round mouthpiece for any level player!” –Mark Douthit (Nashville Studio Musician)
  • “I really enjoyed playing this mouthpiece. I love the tone, evenness, projection, response and flexibility it provides. This might be one of the best mouthpiece's I have ever played. I don't have any complaints or
    suggestions for this product, I think it is fantastic and I can't wait to share it with my college colleagues.” –
    Kyle Jimenez (Saxophone Major, DePaul University)
  • “As I previously stated, the airflow is extremely easy and the overall sound is excellent. I think this will be a very welcomed option for players. I didn't think I could ever move away from my Otto Link as I loved it so much but this new mouthpiece got me quickly and I truly love it! I've already posted a video on Instagram & Facebook to let people hear it. I expect this to be a great success for the company. I'm honored to be an artist and to have gotten my hands on it before it goes to market.” –Scott Mayo (Dancing With The Stars, Sergio Mendes, Earth, Wind & Fire)
  • “…overall I was very impressed” –Kirk Whalum (Vandoren Artist, Grammy Award-Winning Saxophonist)
  • “The overall sound quality of this mouthpiece was very straight-forward, clean, and focused. It was easy and inviting to play. It seemed that there was even a little more (volume and tone quality-wise) that could be gotten out of it with time and practice.” -Khari Allen Lee
  • “Absolutely the best articulating mouthpiece I've ever played on tenor saxophone regardless of brand. The sound is neutral but modern which is perfect for today's player.” –Craig Denny (St. Louis Music)
  • “Very impressed. Full focused center to the tone with balanced brilliance throughout. Powerful! Very impressive in the altissimo! (Easiest high G ever!) Was frankly surprised at response overall....comparable to a Ted Klum Lost Wax mouthpiece I own…Having said all this, I am still blown away by the prototype and am excited for the upcoming product launch! Hats off to the designers!” –Frank Lozano (DAWW Artist)
  • “Big and projected better than my MACSAX Bob Sheppard…Awesome…What I have been looking for…Sounded great… I'm buying this ASAP!–Jim Laughlin (Professor, Amarillo College)
  • “Took me 3 mins to know this is a great piece. Bravo!” –Paul Haar (Director of Jazz Studies, Univ. of
  • “Get ready...this new hard rubber Select Jazz Tenor Mouthpiece from D'Addario will be a game changer
    for many, many players. It is nothing short of awesome! You don't have to take my word for it, but you will believe your ears!!”–Jeff Coffin
  • “I as well as my colleagues thoroughly enjoyed the Jazz Select Tenor mouthpiece. I think is a complete success and is ready to distribute for sale. It would be my pleasure to create a promo video demonstrating it if requested. Thank you for the opportunity to try it out! Congratulations to the D'Addario R+D team for making a masterpiece!” -Rick Keller (DAWW Artist)
  • “Versatile for different kinds of music. I can play comfortably with strings or jazz combo, power trio or duet with acoustic guitar. Beside of it, I feel so restful for practice long time. It is a joy to play on this mouthpiece!!! Thanks for give me one for test!!! Renew my feeling about tenor saxophone sounds.” – Carlos Malta (Renowned international virtuoso multi-instrumentalist)
  • “This mouthpiece is really, really excellent. I would have zero reservations about recommending them to my students. It is very flexible, and has a nice wide "subtone to overdrive" dynamic spectrum. If I were going to tweak anything, I would try another model where the baffle rolls over slightly sooner and the inside walls are slightly rounded and brought in just a touch. This seems to give a nice air compression for the louder dynamics without moving to the edgy side too soon in the spectrum. I was extremely impressed with this piece, though, and would LOVE to try a 9 when you make one! –Joel Vanderheyden (DAWW Artist)
  • “Overall, the mouthpiece performs extremely well. From a whisper to a roar and everything in between, this mouthpiece retains a wealth of warmth, character and incredible response. I love that this mouthpiece has its own "thing". It's not a Berg, it's not a Link, it's a Select Jazz! That's what is most attractive about this mouthpiece. It's hard to find character in the mouthpiece market. Most mouthpieces in the market sound
    like Otto Links that were run over by a truck. I believe this Select Jazz Tenor mouthpiece will become a new standard for professional mouthpieces in this price range and beyond”. –Nick Maldonado (DAWW Sales Team)
  • “This mouthpiece compares in every way (tone, projection, dynamic range, wide tonal range) to my boutique mouthpiece that I play. The only category that my boutique mouthpiece has an advantage is in the altissimo range. That being said, I wouldn't say that the altissimo of the D'Addario mouthpiece is difficult; it's just not quite as easy as my current mouthpiece. If there's a way to improve the altissimo without comprising the other great qualities, that would be my only suggestion. Otherwise, I would say leave it exactly as it is.” -John Wojciechowski (DAWW Artist)
  • “From an early age, the Alto horn chose me and I mainly do alto work as a result. I've struggled for many many years trying to keep my tenor concept together for when the time calls. I've owned/tried various tenor mouthpieces: Otto Links of various vintages (hard rubber and metal), Ted Klum, Mouthpiece Cafe, Yanagisawa, Meyer etc. This mouthpiece wowed me from the very first note. Effortless. The sound profile
    that I'm looking for is there: neutral and warm. My sound can go in any direction- both tonally and
    dynamically thanks to its design and execution. I've played lots of mouthpieces that can do what I just
    described; however, this one is the easiest to play and is also the most reed friendly. Equipment should allow the musician to think about music instead of the physical reality of playing the horn. The cherry on top is the material. I just love the smell of good hard rubber. The smell reminds me of my first Meyer when they used better material. Further, I think the jazz select line of mouthpieces is the most relevant mouthpiece out there for a vast majority of people....and I'm sure you guys know this. It's becoming rarer and rarer to be a full time performer. Most of the killing players I know have to do a lot of things to maintain a full work week. It's not a stretch of the imagination for me to be in a classroom full of 5th graders one day, recording at capitol records next to Bob Sheppard the next day, or on a plane the next day, etc. I can't control my environment and accidents do happen. Knowing that I can replace my equipment with a consistently manufactured product that is affordable is hugely important to me.” –Ian Vo (Los Angeles Studio Player and Educator)
  • “Let me be clear: I answered the price range question in the $175-200 range for the cost of the mouthpiece. My answer is influenced by the notion that, at that price range, D'Addario will certainly sell WAY more mouthpieces. This is a GREAT mouthpiece, one that would be competitive with the smaller boutique companies that sell their mouthpieces at a much higher premium. If you sell it at a lower price point, it will only bring more customers to the table who are turned off by the thought of paying $400+ for a boutique mouthpiece. And I can say this because I did just that 10 years ago when I bought my SR Tech for $375. 🙂 Many thanks for inviting me to be a part of this. Cheers to Kevin and the entire team for coming up with
    one of the best mouthpieces I've ever played!” –David Brennan (DAWW Artist and Educator)
  • “All in all, I think the product is fantastic, and I will continue experimenting with it. My first impression is
    that the mouthpiece will have a lot of potential in the market for a wide range of tenor players regardless of
    genre.” –Gabor Bolla (DAWW International Artist)