Cleaning and Polishing Your Harp



A good system of keeping your harp clean is to lightly dust the instrument once a day.

Once a week do a more thorough dusting.

The area in between the strings at the top of the harp is hard to get to, but should be dusted about once a week, or when visible. Use a light brush to get in to the grooves and between strings.

The second thing you will do is clean the harp with the appropriate cleaning product. Cory makes a cleaning product we recommend called The Coconut Cleaner.

This cleaner is light enough that you can spray it on all parts of the harp except the soundboard.  

Spray Coconut Cleaner on a cloth first for use in cleaning the soundboard to keep it as dry as possible.

When polishing your harp, also use the appropriate product. In this video we are cleaning and polishing a high gloss harp. We recommend the Cory Super High Gloss Piano Polish, which is safe for all fine woods. Do not use furniture polish when polishing a harp.

Just like the Coconut Cleaner, the Cory Super High Gloss Polish is light enough to spray directly on your harp. Then, buff your harp until it is completely dry.