How to Wear Your Pratt Sprite Harp

The Pratt Sprite lap harp is fun because you can wear it a couple of different ways when playing.

In this video Harp Specialist Allison Brown shows us how to play the Sprite harp with the lap bar as well as standing with the use of a guitar strap.  

The Pratt Sprite Harp comes with:

    •  A lap bar

    • A square wooden piece that goes inside the harp for attaching the lap bar

    • A large and small washer

    • A large screw

    • A gear to tighten it all together

To attach your lap bar, place the square wood piece inside the harp with larger side up.  Take the screw with the large washer and thread it through the wood square so the end is coming out toward you.  Put the lap bar on next, threading the screw through the hole in the lap bar.  Place the small washer on the screw then attach the gear and turn till the lap bar is fastened tightly on the harp.

 The Sprite also comes equipped with two Strap Pins at the top and bottom of the lap harp for attaching a guitar strap.