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Both brazilwood and pernambuco bows should come from the same brazilwood tree in South America (although sometimes wiley companies try to use an alternative brazilwood tree for brazilwood bows). The difference between the two bows comes from what part of the tree the wood is taken. Pernambuco comes from the denser, slow growing heartwood of the tree, and brazilwood comes from the less dense portion. Thus, the quality of either stick is still on a scale with not much difference between a high end brazilwood stick and a low end pernambuco stick. \n \nPernambuco sticks are more dense, and they can better withstand the pressure of tense hair and vigorous playing without being subject to warping. The density adds control and vibrancy to playing. This, of course, does not mean that brazilwood bows automatically warp and have dull sound. When properly cared for, brazilwood can have a very long life span, as well. And wood is not the only factor in a bows playability; a master bow maker can make a brazilwood bow that is far superior to any company pernambuco bow. It just happens that the master bow maker usually does not use brazilwood.