Bach 180S-43

The popular design of the Stradivarius Series is combined with the #43 taper bell that has a slower taper to produce a brighter sound that is more brilliant and open than the standard #37 taper. The 180S-43 also features a #25 standard leadpipe that offers some resistance that is effective in centering tone production. These two features combine to produce a trumpet that is well suited for jazz.


  • #43 one-piece hand-hammered bell: produces a warm sound with slightly more control and with great projection allowing this instrument to work well in multiple musical settings—from jazz to concert or solo playing.
  • #25 leadpipe: allows for slight resistance that is effective in centering tone production.
  • Silver-plate finish: Provides a controlled brilliance to the overall sound.
  • .459″ medium-large bore: Allows the player to produce a well-rounded sound well suited for all types of music.
  • Monel pistons: Monel pistons are resistant to corrosion and are an ideal choice for professional trumpet pistons which must retain precise fit and smooth action over many years.
  • 1st Valve Slide Adjustment: Thumb saddle.
  • 3rd Valve Slide Adjustment: Fixed ring with adjustable slide stop.