The Deluxe Andare GE-II Violin Package is one of our most popular items. Along with the violin, the package includes a case, bow, strings and more.


Package Includes:

  • Andare GE-II Violin: Totally hand-crafted European violin (5+ years aged wood).
  • Deluxe Oblong Case: Lightweight, with pockets and suspension padding.
  • Carbon Fiber or Deluxe Brazilwood Bow: Excellent balance, pulls more sound than most bows.
  • Dominant or Vision Solo Strings: The legendary choice of professionals worldwide!
  • Wittner Tailpiece: Wittner tailpieces have many advantages. Less string breakage, much easier tuning, less vibration and buzzing, better preservation of harmonic overtones, and correct placement of the playable part of the string.
  • One year warranty: See store for details.