Upright Basses

Known also as the string bass or double bass, its deep voice provides the foundation or “bottom” to the orchestra.The string family’s largest instrument, the upright bass can be played either in a sitting or standing position. Unlike the other string instruments, which are tuned in fifths, the upright bass is still considered part of the guitar family and is tuned in fourths like a traditional guitar. The bass can be plucked or bowed and often includes an adjustable bridge that can be raised or lowered to fit the style of music being played.

Upright basses are also available in smaller sizes down to an 1/8 and a ¾ bass is considered “full size”, though not a mathematically 4/4 size. True full size basses are very rare and very large, but are available on a Special Order basis. Most symphonic players use a ¾ and it is considered the standard “full size”.