Summer Practice Tips and Ideas For Students

May 30th 2018

Summer Practice Tips and Ideas For Students


Don’t throw away all that hard work by not practicing over the summer!

We know you have worked hard to master techniques and songs during the school year, but by “taking a break” over the summer you essentially are taking one step back after taking two steps forward. Just like any other skill, keeping up your instrument practice ensures you will progress and continue to grow in musicianship. Studies show that students who don’t practice reading over the summer find themselves extremely behind when school starts again in the fall. This goes for musical studies, too!

Be sure to practice at least twenty minutes a day for five days a week to keep up your musical chops! That’s only an hour and a half a week – less than the length of a movie!

Some tips to help keep you motivated:

  1. Find some fun new music to learn! Some fun musical pieces could be: movie sound tracks, your favorite band, a well known classical piece, or even some duets or small ensemble groups for you and your friends to play.
  2. Play with a friend! This will keep both you AND your friend in good shape!
  3. Start up private lessons! Private teachers can help fine tune your technique and help you excel even faster.
  4. Reward yourself! When you finish a piece or master a difficult passage, reward yourself with a treat of some kind.
  5. Create a “practice zone” – an area dedicated to practice that has everything you need right at your fingertips: music stand, comfortable chair, good lighting, metronome, instrument supplies, etc.

These small acts can lead to huge rewards in the fall and your music teacher will be thoroughly impressed that you have kept up your skills over the summer!

Hope you had a wonderful school year and have a great summer!