The Serrana Harp from Dusty Strings

The Serrana Harp from Dusty Strings

This is the Serrana Harp from Dusty Strings. It was designed for Mariachi playing, so the strings are a little bit closer together. It has a lot of different fun features and uses for anybody interested in playing the harp, just getting started or professional.

• 34 strings, 43/4 octaves
• Light-tension strings & closer string spacing
• Strong and lightweight carbon fiber pillar
• Laminated birch soundbox
• full set of Loveland sharping levers
• Two extendable legs included
• Deluxe case included

You can play this harp a couple of different ways. In this video, Allison has the legs extended so she can play standing up. Or, you can use the harp stand and play seated.

Dusty Strings Mariachi 34 Harp-Coming Spring 2017

We are so excited about Dusty Strings’ new Mariachi 34 string harp. Maricachi style harp performance is getting more and more attention and excitement in the harp world. It was fascinating to see Willy Acuna play at the Dusty Strings booth at the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) and we are loving the sound of this beautiful lever harp.

Find more information on the new Mariachi 34 from Dusty Strings on their site HERE.