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A Wittner tailpiece is designed with the fine tuners built into the body of the tailpiece. Unlike traditional fine-tuners, which simply sit on the string, fine tuners in a Wittner tailpiece enable the student to tune the instrument without major adjustments to the pegs. Teachers love them because the kids learn to tune their own instrument more quickly and fine adjustments are so much easier.

Since the string fits comfortably into the tailpiece, there is no damage done to the winding of the string, as is sometimes the case with fine tuners that fit onto the string itself. Thus, expensive strings last longer –which saves you money in the long run. And because there is less hardware involved, there is less chance for one of those annoying “buzzes” that come from a traditional style fine-tuner. The tailpiece is precisely designed and manufactured in Germany using the highest quality light metal alloy. Try it, you and your teacher will love it.

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