String Instrument Care

Proper care of your string instrument is crucial to keep the instrument in top playing condition and protect it from damage. Please refer to these guidelines often.
Exposing your instrument to extreme temperatures can result in irreparable damage.
• Hold the instrument by the neck
• Wipe the rosin dust and perspiration from the instrument with a soft cloth after each use.
• Loosen the bow about five (5) turns to relieve tension when not in use.
• DO NOT touch the Bow Hair.
• Apply rosin to hair with long, slow strokes.
• Keep your instrument and bow in the case when not in use
• Do not put anything else in the case, like your shoulder pad, shoulder rest, music, pencils, etc.
• Check the bridge to see if it is upright or tilted slightly toward the tailpiece.
• Do not tighten the string adjusters all the way down. The arm under the tailpice will scratch the top of the instrument.
• Avoid rapid temperature changes
• Inspect the instrument and case each day. If you have any questions or problems, ask your teacher or bring your instrument to Summerhays Music's String Repair shop.