The viola is the alto voice of the string family, adding depth, richness, and warmth to the orchestra. Played under the chin, like the violin, the viola is slightly larger, both in width and length, and tuned a fifth lower. A full size viola is ranges in size from 15” to 17” and are available in different models such as Tertis, Cutaway, etc. each having a unique shape and sound quality.



Deluxe Andare GE-II Viola


  • Andare GE-II Viola: Totally hand-crafted in Romania (5+ years aged wood).
  • Available in all sizes: Special order available for 12″, 13″, 14″, and 17″ violas.
  • Deluxe Oblong Case: Lightweight, with pockets and suspension padding.
  • Carbon Fiber or Deluxe Brazilwood Bow (based on availability): Excellent balance, pulls more sound than most bows.
  • Ebony fingerboard and pegs, inlaid ebony purfling.
  • Wittner Tailpiece: Wittner tailpieces have many advantages. Less string breakage, much easier tuning, less vibration and buzzing, better preservation of harmonic overtones, and correct placement of the playable part of the string.
  • Dark, rich tone.
  • Custom setup for Utah climate.
Lord Wilton Viola


This viola was modeled after the Lord Wilton viola, a famous Guarneri instrument from 1742. It is renowned for its exceptional sound and performance. This copy features well figured maple with an expertly applied antique varnish.

  • Product of Panetto Strings: A Summerhays Music exclusive line.
  • Available in sizes 15″-16.5″: Special order available by request for other sizes.
  • Ebony pegs, fingerboard, chinrest, and tailpiece
  • Beautiful flaming on the back of the instrument
  • Known for strong projection and minimal effort
Carlos Wallin Viola


LA String Instruments are known for their open sound and easy projection. They are highly recommended by local teachers for their bright tone and wood stability in Utah’s harsh climate. All LA String instruments are set up by our in-house luthiers and technicians, which include: a fitted bridge, planed fingerboard, and refitted sound post.

  • Product of LA Strings
  • Available in sizes 15″-16.5″
  • Boxwood tailpiece, pegs, and chinrest (Wittner tailpiece available upon request)