Have You Ever Wanted to Learn the Harp?

The harp is a beautiful, unique and versatile instrument. Because of these factors and more, many people are actual hesitate to follow their dreams of learning the harp, thinking that the harp is too difficult or too expensive to learn. It’s true that all instruments have their difficult areas to master. Just like any musical […]

Little Harp Girl

How to Choose the Best Guitar According to Science, An Article From Beginner Guitar HQ

Beginner Guitar HQ shared this informative article with us on choosing the best guitar according to science so we could share it with you.  Choosing a guitar can be overwhelming and this article covers everything you need to know before coming to Summerhays Music.  Enjoy! How to Choose the Best Guitar, 15 Factors to Consider According […]

electric guitars

Summer Practice Tips and Ideas For Students

MUSICIANS! Don’t throw away all that hard work by not practicing over the summer! We know you have worked hard to master techniques and songs during the school year, but by “taking a break” over the summer you essentially are taking one step back after taking two steps forward. Just like any other skill, keeping […]

Summer Practicing

David Wong: The Basics of the Chop; Creating Percussive Backup With Your bow

 David Wong: The Basics of the Chop; Creating Percussive Backup With Your Bow Transcribed from video: Chopping started in the bluegrass tradition and it is a percussive way of playing violin with the bow.  It came in to use in the 70s and early 80s as a way of creating percussion in bluegrass bands. […]

David Wong

Songs for New Harpists

A lot of harpists remember fondly why they originally chose the harp and their very first days learning their instrument. No matter their age or musical background when they start, there is a lot of positivity and anticipation in bringing home their first harp and beginning private lessons. However, with this positivity, there is also […]

How to Lubricate a Trombone Slide

  There are a lot of reasons your trombone slide may be slow. It could be misalignment or it could have some dents. Or, you may just need to clean and lubricate your trombone slide. First you will need to clean your outer slide.   Dirt and grime build up on the inside. There are many […]

How to lubricate a trombone slide

Cleaning and Polishing Your Harp

    A good system of keeping your harp clean is to lightly dust the instrument once a day. Once a week do a more thorough dusting. The area in between the strings at the top of the harp is hard to get to, but should be dusted about once a week, or when visible. […]

Popular Harp Pieces for Wedding Season

For harpists, sometimes wedding season is an all year occasion! Here are some of our favorite pieces that are easy to learn, recognizable and popular for weddings. All of these solo pieces or harp arrangement compilations you can purchase at Summerhays Music Center in our Murray location. Or call 801-268-4446.   From “Groovy Songs of […]

Harp Wedding Music

How to Wear Your Pratt Sprite Harp

The Pratt Sprite lap harp is fun because you can wear it a couple of different ways when playing. In this video Harp Specialist Allison Brown shows us how to play the Sprite harp with the lap bar as well as standing with the use of a guitar strap.   The Pratt Sprite Harp comes […]

Spending too much time tuning?

Try one or more of the following tips on tuning your harp so that you can use more of your time for practice! Use only one day out of the week to really tune every string on your harp. The rest of the week, only tune the obviously problematic strings with your electric tuner. Become […]