We suggest you come in the store and play several flutes so that you know the one you pick is the perfect one for you! The flute is one of the oldest instruments known, with some examples dating back thousands of years. Early flutes were often made of wood, stone, and even human and animal bone. More recent flutes have been constructed of glass, ceramic, and brass and other metals. The earliest known example of the transverse flute (held and played sideways) is believed to be the “tsche,” originating in China about 2637 BC. Over time, improvements were made to the flute including the materials used, the addition of keys, and the shaping of the instrument, culminating in what is considered to be the modern flute developed by Theobald Boehm in 1846.



Trevor James 10xe flute


The 10XE is a very free blowing instrument which assists new flute players in learning at a quicker pace.

  • New advanced headjoint features – Designed to be free blowing to assist the new player in obtaining easy and yet rich sound production
  • Double skin yellow pads – Carefully worked by our technicians to give an accurate airtight seal which is vitally important to the performance of the instrument
  • Felts instead of cork under the tail arms – Very quiet mechanism
  • New triple plated finish (We believe this technique to be unique) – a double layer of silver-plating on top of a flash copper coating gives durability to the silver finish of each instrument.
  • All-in-one ‘Prolite’ case with shoulder strap and handle
  • Fine care and attention to the finishing of all key work – carefully worked during manufacture and then double checked by our UK technicians to ensure instrument looks great to the eye!
  • Accuracy and tightness of all fitting of the key assembly – Gives a secure and positive feel to the student
Yamaha YFL-200AD Flute


Durable design, excellent tone and a redesigned case make this the perfect Advantage flute.

  • Undercut and beveled embouchure hole for clean attack, sensitive response, and accurate intonation.
  • Double bladder pads
  • Nickel-silver, power-forged keys are very durable and less susceptible to breakage.
  • Neoprene key bumpers
  • Improved scale for better intonation.
  • Strong post design to maintain accurate rod alignment.
  • Footjoint marking
  • Ergonomic key shapes
  • Adjustment screws


Yamaha YFL-371HIIAL Flute


This beautiful open hole instrument includes a gold plated lip plate and sterling silver headjoint.

  • Open holes
  • B foot
  • Off-set G
  • Solid-silver headjoint
  • Silver-plated body/foot
Yamaha YFL-471HIIAL Flute


400 Series flutes feature a headjoint, body and footjoint made of the same 92.5% pure sterling silver as expensive professional models for a rich, warm tone with enhanced projection.

  • Open holes
  • B footjoint
  • Offset G
  • E mechanism
  • Solid-silver headjoint
  • Solid-silver body/foot
Haynes Amadeus AF600SE Flute

Haynes Amadeus AF600SE

For decades, discerning flutists have chosen Haynes for “that sound” – a beautiful core with rich colors.

  • Sterling Silver Haynes Classic headjoint
  • Silver-plated body – .016 wall thickness
  • Silver-plated mechanism
  • Y-arm key cups
  • B foot
  • Offset or Inline G
  • Haynes A-442 scale
  • French wood case (C foot: AFC1-C / B foot: AFC1-B)
  • Nylon case cover (C foot: AFCC1-C / B foot: AFCC1-B)
Trevor James Virtuoso Flute


The Virtuoso flute is designed for the serious flute player who requires a colourful, deep timbre with a wide tonal range.

  • Solid silver headjoint
  • Solid silver body and footjoint
  • Silver plated keys
  • open hole
  • B footjoint
  • Pointed key arms
Trevor James Cantabile Flute


The ideal ‘Step-up’ flute for the established flute player who wishes to add a precious metal element on to their instrument to fully explore the vast tonal possibilities.

  • Solid silver headjoint
  • Silver plated body/footjoint and keys
  • Open hole
  • Pointed key arms
  • B footjoint


Yamaha YFL-677H Flute


Yamaha 677H professional flutes combine the brilliance of nickel silver keys with the characteristic warm colors of a sterling silver headjoint and body.

  • Hand-finished sterling silver headjoint
  • Sterling silver body and footjoint with silver-plated, nickel silver keys
  • 0.43mm wall thickness
  • Straubinger Phoenix Pads
  • Annealed headjoint, body & footjoint
  • French (open-hole) keys with pointed key arms
  • Offset G with split E
  • B Footjoint
  • Includes case, case cover & cleaning rod
  • 5-Year Warranty
Yamaha YFL-774 Flute


Sterling silver construction throughout results in unmatched tone and response.

  • Solid silver EC cut headjoint
  • Solid silver body with exclusive “type-4″ design– These flutes were designed to maintain a focused tone core in every range, at any dynamic and in any hall. They feature an entirely new scale for accurate intonation in all registers and an innovative tone hole design to provide precisely the right amount of air resistance for excellent tone color flexibility.
  • White gold springs
  • Solid silver footjoint
  • Straubinger Phoenix pads
  • Low B gizmo key
  • Undercut embouchure hole
Haynes Classic Q2 Flute


This affordably priced Flute combines the beauty and artistry of America’s oldest Flute company with modern factory efficiency.

  • Sterling silver Haynes Classic headjoint – from the Haynes Boston workshop
  • Sterling silver body and footjoint
  • Nickel silver mechanism
  • Drawn toneholes with soldered C# tonehole
  • Offset or inline G key
  • B or C footjoint
  • Open hole
  • Pointed key arms
Trevor James Recital Series-Concerti Flute


The Concerti is part of the newly redesigned Recital Series, featuring the stunning tonal flexibility of a Flute Makers Guild of London headjoint.

  • Handmade sterling silver Flutemakers Guild of London headjoint
  • Handmade sterling silver body and keys
  • Pointed tone arms
  • Soldered tone holes
  • Open hole
  • B foot
Trevor James Recital Series-Aria Flute


Handmade professional flutes designed ‘by flute players for flute player’s utilising the stunning tonal flexibility of a handmade Flute Makers Guild of London headjoint.

  • Handmade solid silver body and footjoint
  • 925 silver Flute Makers Guild of London headjoint
  • Advanced headjoint options with various different lip plate designs
  • Pitch A=442
  • Pointed key arm mechanism
  • Soldered tone holes
  • E mechanism
  • Open hole key mechanism
  • Offset G key mechanism
  • B footjoint
  • Leather bound French style wooden case
  • Fleecy lined case cover with shoulder strap
  • White internal cleaning cloth
  • Wooden cleaning rod
  • Silver cleaning cloth