String Repair

Includes complete disassembly of the instrument, clean and polish and then reassembly with existing parts to the best industry standards possible. Strings are replaced as needed. Pegs are adjusted to move smoothly in the peg box. A final bridge and sound post adjustment assures that the instrument is performing to optimum capacity.
Competent luthiers at Summerhays Music offer services from simple repair to complex restoration.  As each instrument is different and each playing situation unequal to others, we happily offer free consultation to determine each client's needs.  A menu of services offered include:
• String replacement, one at a time or all at once.
• Bridge work, new fitting or reshaping of existing bridge.
• Crack repair and body work including restoration of damaged corners, smoothing of damaged edges, simple or complex (top-off) crack repair, varnish repair and color matching, seam separations and wing cracks.
• Pegs and peg box work, refitting pegs and precision reaming of peg holes, peg box crack repair and re-bushing of peg holes.
• Sound post work, new fitting, re-shaping and/or re-setting of existing sound post.
• Fingerboard, nut and saddle work to shape, smooth, dress and glue each in place.
a string repair tech working on a cello bridge
a wall with hanging Mongolian and Siberian horsehair next to dozens of violin, viola, cello and bass bows.
Summerhays Music offers bow rehair sevices for violin, viola, cello and bass. Bow rehairs are done with top quality Mongolian or Siberian horsehair. We offer student or professional level options in white, black or salt and pepper.
string repair technicians Melissa Collins, Samantha Cortez, Christian Rapp, and Tom Zheng, and Pro Strings Department manager Estefan Cortez

Christian Rapp, Melissa Collins, Tom Zheng

Christian Rapp
Christian was born in Germany and began playing the violin at the age of 5, continuing lessons until he was 15, then switching to classical guitar. Years of High School Orchestra, Jazz Group, Blues Band and several performances gave him inspiration for what the musical world has to offer.
After a specialization in English and Music in High School, he attended Wood Carpentry School which showed him that his real interest was to be found in the making of wooden string instruments. He studied an apprenticeship in the making and restoring of Classical Guitars and musical general, in Xalapa, Ver., Mexico. After getting married, he earned a BA degree in Restoration at the National School for Conservation, Restoration and Museum Studies, living, teaching and working in Mexico City for many years, with his own Luthier shop. He was then invited to work for Summerhays Music Center which opened a new chapter for him and his family, becoming finally residents in 2007 and finding a new home in Utah.
Christian lives in Murray with his wife, son and a cat. He enjoys bike riding, music, good veggie food and playing classical guitar.
Samantha Cortez


Melissa Collins is a violin maker living in Salt Lake City, Utah. A graduate of the Violin Making School of America, she has long been interested in the relationship that exists between fine craftsmanship and the science of sound. This interest influences every step of her violin making process. From the initial selection and sourcing of wood up to the final set up of an instrument, Melissa utilizes her experience as both a luthier and a musician to craft instruments that look and sound beautiful. She brings this same interest and focus to her work doing instrument repairs, restorations and fine set ups at Summerhays Music.  She recognizes that the relationship between a musician and their instrument is a precious one and she aims to provide players with instruments that will truly allow them to shine.

Samantha’s passion for violin making has also motivated her to teach students as well. She has traveled to many public schools and universities to present a hands-on instrument maintenance workshop where students learned how to detect minor repairs.
In April 2017, Samantha moved to Utah to start her career at Summerhays Music Center as a Luthier/Bow Expert. In the fall she will be attending the Violin Making School of America in Salt Lake City to expand her knowledge in Violin Making.
Thom Zheng