Summerhays Music Center offers the highest level of string instruments ranging from student level to professional quality.

The violin, sometimes referred to as a fiddle, is the smallest instrument in the family of bowed string instruments and is the soprano or highest voice of an orchestra. The violin is played by holding it under the chin while in a standing or sitting position and using a bow to be played across the strings. It is one of the most important members of an orchestra and is often used as the lead or solo instrument. Unaltered for centuries, the violin continues to be one of the most played and recognized orchestral instruments and ranges in sizes from 1/32 for a small toddler, up to 4/4 or full size. Today it continues to emerge in new musical settings from rock and roll to classical.





Fully hand-carved, the AV5’s Spruce top, Maple neck, back & sides are seasoned & aged 5+ years. Upgraded Rosewood fittings not found on most instruments in this price range.

Package Includes:

  • Yamaha AV544 violin
  • Thermoplastic case with room for shoulder rest
  • Fiberglass bow with premium horse hair
  • Solid top and back
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Fine tuners for each string
  • Dominant strings
  • Rosin
  • Loud projection and strong sound – perfect for the beginning player!
Richter ES200 Violin


The Richter ES200 is truly an intermediate instrument for a student price. It produces an excellent projection of sound with minimal effort.

Package Includes:

  • Richter ES200 Violin: Handcrafted using seasoned tonewoods, hand-fitted ebony pegs with beautiful Parisian Eye inlay
  • Thermoplastic Case: Great for durability and longevity. Storage space for shoulder rest, rosin, and extra bow
  • Brazilwood Bow: Excellent balance and warm sound. Genuine horse hair
  • Dominant Strings: The legendary choice of professionals worldwide!
  • Wittner-Style Tailpiece
Chaconne Violin


Inspired by hand-carved fittings crafted by J.B. Vuillaume for instruments made by the Italian masters, the Chaconne violin features hand-carved boxwood fittings featuring a decorative cherub tailpiece and matching pegs.

  • Hand carved in the Chaconne style inspired by J.B. Vuillaume
  • Beautifully detailed tailpiece and pegs carved in decorative boxwood
  • Perfect instrument for the intermediate player or simply as a showpiece item
  • 20% off case and bow with purchase of any intermediate or professional violin!
  • Available in 4/4
Andare GE-II Violin


The Deluxe Andare GE-II Violin Package is one of our most popular items. Along with the violin, the package includes a case, bow, strings and more.

Package Includes:

  • Andare GE-II Violin: Totally hand-crafted European violin (5+ years aged wood).
  • Deluxe Oblong Case: Lightweight, with pockets and suspension padding.
  • Carbon Fiber or Deluxe Brazilwood Bow: Excellent balance, pulls more sound than most bows.
  • Dominant or Vision Solo Strings: The legendary choice of professionals worldwide!
  • Wittner Tailpiece: Wittner tailpieces have many advantages. Less string breakage, much easier tuning, less vibration and buzzing, better preservation of harmonic overtones, and correct placement of the playable part of the string.
  • One year warranty: See store for details.


Master Linn V5100 Violin


Known for its deep tones, the Master Linn violin is more reminiscent of a viola in timbre and color, while playing the range of a violin. This model is a personal favorite of our string professionals because of its broad and dominating sound.

  • Product of Panetto Strings
  • Available in size 4/4 and 7/8 only
  • Also available in Viola and Cello

After decades of studying Italian master luthiers, Master Linn has brought the precision and exacting craftsmanship of the classics to a modern instrument. The expert antiquing in the skillfully applied oil varnish provides an aesthetically pleasing match to the Master Linn’s superior tonal projection and response.

Galiano V Violin


A Summerhays Music Exclusive! The Galiano V Series has four different models that cover the entire spectrum of intermediate to advanced playing. Each model specializes in a specific type of sound, ranging from bright and open to dark and rich.

  • Product of Eastman Strings Workshop
  • Available in size 4/4 only
  • Also available in Viola and Cello
  • Four different models: V2, V4, V6, and V8
  • Beautiful antiqued amber varnish
  • Powerful tone
  • Designed for the intermediate player!

The Galiano line is a special line of instruments introduced by Eastman Strings for those music stores who are strong advocates of local school music programs. Summerhays Music Center is currently the only music store in Utah allowed to carry this exceptional line of instruments. The first three models of Galiano instruments are hand crafted by master luthiers in Eastmans Chinese workshop, while the model 8 is handcrafted in Germany.

Eastman VL605ST Violin


The model 605 is the top model violin available from the Andreas Eastman workshop and plays with a dark and round tone. This model is favorite of local teachers, especially in the fractional sizes, as even their 1/8 size violin carries a strong sound and ease of playability.

  • Product of Andreas Eastman Strings Workshop
  • Available in sizes 1/8 – 4/4/li>
  • Also available in Viola, Cello, and String Bass
  • Superior quality of aged spruce and maple
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Beautiful reddish antiqued spirit varnish, hand applied
  • Boxwood pegs, chinrest, and tailpiece (Wittner tailpiece upon request)

Eastman Strings is one of the largest and highest quality string instrument workshops in the world. Their instruments range in price and quality from entry level to high end professional. They specialize in utilizing old-fashioned techniques with modern instruments. They also have specialty shops in Romania and Germany for those individuals wishing to play on European instruments.

Frank Denti V200 Violin


LA String Instruments are known for their open sound and easy projection. They are highly recommended by local teachers for their bright tone and wood stability in Utah’s harsh climate.

  • Product of LA Strings Workshop
  • Available in sizes 1/4 – 4/4
  • Also available in Viola and Cello
  • Artfully handcrafted using superior quality tone woods
  • Mid-grade aged wood
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Boxwood pegs, chinrest, and tailpiece (Wittner tailpiece upon request)

All LA String instruments are set up by our in-house luthiers and technicians, which include: a fitted bridge, planed fingerboard, and refitted sound post.

Sizing Your Child for the Correct Violin is Very Important

The right sized violin will make learning to play easier, more comfortable, and therefore more enjoyable! Many times your music teacher will recommend a size for your student. You may also come in to our store and be sized by our String Professionals.The following is step by step instructions on measuring:

1. Extend the child’s left arm straight out, parallel to the floor, palm facing up.

2. Using a yardstick, measure the distance from the base of the child’s neck, to the center of the palm.

3. Note the distance in inches, and refer to the following for the correct violin size:

           14″ – 151/2” = 1/16 Size

           151/2” – 17″ = 1/10 Size

           17″ – 181/2” = 1/8 Size

           181/2” – 201/2” = 1/4 Size

           201/2” – 221/2” = 1/2 Size

           221/2” – 24″ = 3/4 Size

           24″ and up = Full (4/4) Size

You may also visit our YouTube channel and watch the following video: