Have You Ever Wanted to Learn the Harp?

Jun 11th 2018

Have You Ever Wanted to Learn the Harp?

The harp is a beautiful, unique and versatile instrument. Because of these factors and more, many people are actual hesitate to follow their dreams of learning the harp, thinking that the harp is too difficult or too expensive to learn.

It’s true that all instruments have their difficult areas to master. Just like any musical talent, it will take practice and lots of dedication to play the harp.

However, we want you to be aware of a couple points that make the harp a really enjoyable and fun instrument to take up!

#1. The harp instantly has a wonderful sound all on its own. As you progress and gain more strength in your hands and playing skills, you will only enhance this quality. However, just starting out with your first couple of harp lessons, you will already be making beautiful music.

#2. You are needed as a harpist. Harpists are seen as rare creatures in the music world. Therefore, there is less competition in gaining harp gigs.

#3. The harp world is expanding more than ever right now. There are more styles that are becoming popular for harp music. This includes Jazz, Rock, Celtic, traditional or classical, and pop music.

#4. Harp music is found particularly healing and soothing and there are a lot of charitable opportunities in the musical therapy field.

#5 The harp that is right for you is more affordable than you may think. There are plenty of options and price ranges for you. Harps can start out as low as 65.00 a month in a rent to own program.

#6 Private harp lessons are highly recommended especially for beginning players. Having one on one time with a professional harpist will help you grow faster in your musical abilities as well as insure proper hand positioning and technique. With the use of Skype or Facetime, private lessons are easy to get scheduled no matter where you live. In addition to this option, many universities offer private music lessons, and teacher listings are found on our website.